Busy week

1. december 2013 at 0:57 | Aurelia Aurora |  Diary
Hi everyone! :)
I'm sorry I haven't written earlier, but I had a busy week and another is wainting for me -_-.
I was with my parents in Ostrava today, we went shopping for Christmas and I found out that I spent about 1700 CZK for nothing -_-!!! No, of course I have some presents already bought, but I stil haven't got presents for my parents and my best friend H -_-. But my parents bought me new sweatshirt, pullover and new shoes :3 I was really surpised that my dad bought me sweatshirt which cost about 800 CZK. You may laught about the price, but I'm used to save the money.

So... I have presents for my grand-parents, auntie and her partner, my friend Ell, part of presents for my parents and my friend H., and present to my sweetest girl Bagheera <3 My lovely doggy princess! :3 Oh, and I almost forgot something little to my schoolmate and friend S.

And there is a bath foam with the scent of lilac which I bought some time ago for my boyfriend. But... he is not longer my boyfriend and I can't make decision, if I'll give it to him, or I'll keep if for myself.

It is maybe weird to you, but... Yes, we are weird. I am weird. Actually I didn't remember if I had ever been really happy with him, but... no, no, no... He broke my heart to thousand pieces and when he had been trying to fix it, it was too late. So I've broken his heart too.

And I really don't love him anymore. There is some kind of weakness for him, but it's just physical...

And.... pfooo...I don't know, why I'm writing this, I'm so tired and the Sunday gonna be very hard. I have to make Advent wreath and I wil have to study, study, study, study..... AAAAANDDD.... study.

So good night and have sweet dreams :)

Something about me, something about blog

24. november 2013 at 22:37 | Aurelia Aurora |  Diary
Hi there :)

I would like to welcome you here, on my new blog.
At firts, I have to make clear, that I'm really not going to tell here, what is the address of my first blog. I have a new opportunity to write anonymously here and I'm gonna enjoy it, because my old one blog know my schoolmates, friends, my ex boyfriend and I wouldn't be suprised, if even some family members know the address. I feel bounded by this of course. By the way, I really hate! my blog's adress -_- I have it... for more than 6 years? So the address is intellectually equal to my intelligence at that time :D But I haven't got the will to leave it there... I mean, even I really don't spend time on blogs so much as earlier, I have many nice memories on that blog, I've met a few great people throught my blog and the old articles make my laught (or feel like an idiot -_-), because I really can't get how silly things I tried to solve there :D And what shits I wrote :D

So, this blog is a kind of escape for me, but primarily I'm going to write only in English, because I'm 18, next year I'll have to make the school leaving exam and my English is disastrous! I've forgotten things I could do very well at the primary school, but now, at the grammar school I have a teacher who isn't bad, but I feel like we were doing nothing during two last years, so I'm dumber and dumber... I'm one of the weakest student in better english group :D And I really feel like an idiot among them :(

I don't expect anything from you, but I would be really thankful, if you left here any comment. And if you'll find here any mistake, please, tell me, I would be more than grateful :)

That's all for now.
Good night :)

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